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Volume 3, Issue 7 | April 19, 2023

Dear Research Colleagues,

At this week’s Clinical Research Connections Meeting, the Research Studies staff provided an update on the Research Studies website and newsletter. Feel free to listen to the recording which is approximately 20 minutes in length. The presentation can be found at 39 minutes and 22 seconds.

If you have a study that is actively recruiting participants and is visible on the Research Studies website, please feel free to submit your information here. We will work on including your study details in our next issue, given that the study meets all prerequisites for inclusion.

As always, email if you have any questions.

Featured Recruitment Studies

Women Exercising

MitoQ Supplementation for Restoring Aerobic Exercise Training Effects on Endothelial Function in Postmenopausal Women

We are recruiting postmenopausal women to participate in a research study to help us understand if we can improve exercise training benefits on cardiovascular health, by administering an antioxidant supplement.

Mental Health

Mothers Optimizing Resources Everyday (MORE)

This study plans to learn more about perinatal well-being and sources of support for pregnant and postpartum individuals. Participation includes completion of four 20-minute surveys across the prenatal and postpartum period. Participants will receive a $20 Amazon gift card for completion of each survey. Individuals may be eligible if they meet the following 3 criteria: 1) 8-13 weeks pregnant, 2) >18 years of age, 3) English- or Spanish- speaking. The goal is to inform programs that can be targeted towards pregnant and postpartum individuals to support their mental health.

Group of women

The Influence of Combined Oral Contraceptives on Weight: A 6-months Observational Study


  • Generally healthy female 18-40 years old with BMI between 25-45.
  • Not currently using a hormonal form of birth control and willing to start and continue the Sprintec pill for 6 months.

New born babies

Pre-IVF Treatment With a GnRH Antagonist in Women With Endometriosis - A Prospective Clinical Trial

We are looking for women between the ages of 18 and 40 who have been diagnosed with endometriosis and are seeking IVF embryo transfer. We are trying to determine if pre-treatment of endometriosis prior to an IVF embryo transfer will result in better pregnancy rates and outcomes than treatment with placebo or no treatment. For more information and to find out if you may be eligible for this study, please contact the study coordinator.

Mother feeding food to child

Healthy Starts: Pacing of Children's Introduction to New Plant-Based Foods

The goal for this study is to understand how the timing of offering a new food repeatedly affects how much of that food your child eventually accepts and how eagerly they accept it. You may be able to take part in Healthy Starts if you are at least 18 years old and you have a child between 9-12 months old, who was born full term and does not have a medical condition that makes feeding difficult. We will ask parents to offer a new food 10 times to their child at home (food is provided) and to complete 4 visits over 3 months at the Children's Eating Lab in Aurora.

sleepy girl

SUNRISE: Impact of Sleep Extension on Insulin Sensitivity and Dietary Intake in Adolescents

The SUNRISE Research Study at Children's Hospital Colorado is trying to learn more about sleep and insulin resistance in teenagers. Teens who are 14-19 years old, enrolled in high school, and get less than 7 hours of sleep on school nights may qualify.


Large Scale Genome Sequencing and Integrative Analyses to Define Genomic Predictors of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

We are seeking couples who have experienced at least one prior pregnancy loss and have a current pregnancy loss or have multiple previous pregnancy losses with stored samples to participate in a study to determine genomic predictors of recurrent pregnancy loss. If you have experienced more than one pregnancy loss without a known cause, you may be eligible to participate. For more information, please contact the study coordinator.

Contraceptive Implant

Research about the Potential for the Contraceptive Implant as Emergency Contraception

To research more about ovulation (the process of egg release from the ovary) in the setting of recently placed etonogestrel implants (Nexplanon®).

Doctor checking skin

Evaluating the Effects of Cannabis Use and Circulating Cannabinoids on Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes in Malignant Melanoma

Volunteers needed for a research study who are either chronic cannabis/cannabinoid users and non-users who have been diagnosed with melanoma.

Doctor and healthy fruits

ARROW - Adaptive Responses to Overfeeding and Weight

If you are interested in losing weight and understanding your metabolism, the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center is looking for you.

How do I feature a study?

If you would like to have your study featured please submit your information and we will work on including your study information in our next issue.

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