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Volume 2, Issue 13 | July 6, 2022

Featured Recruitment Studies

Two Contraceptive Implants

Research about the Potential for the Contraceptive Implant as Emergency Contraception

Are you interested in starting Nexplanon, hormonal birth control that goes in your arm? Are you interested in how your body works, specifically in regard to ovulation?

Doctor looking at an chest X-Ray

Colorado Pulmonary Alcohol Research Consortium

We are looking for volunteers to serve as control subjects to be compared to people who drink heavily in a research project that examines substances collected from inside the lungs. Main Procedures Involve Thorough pulmonary evaluation by a lung physician by physical exam, chest x-ray, spirometry, and bronchoscopy and routine blood lab work & pregnancy test will be performed. A single study visit from 7 AM to 12 PM during a weekday. Participants will need a negative COVID test 3-5 days before their visit.

Group of women

Are You Interested in Having Your IUD Removed and Participating in Research?

Research about IUD displacement with menstrual cup insertion and removal.

Fitness tools and diabetes machine

Breaking Up Sedentary Time to Improve Glucose Control in a Population at Risk for Developing Type 2 Diabetes

This randomized control trial examines differences in glycemia and insulin sensitivity, acute and 1-month glucose fluctuations and 1-month glucose disposal pathways between two physical activity strategies: BREAK and ONE. The BREAK strategy consists of 5-minute bouts of brisk walking performed hourly for 9 hours/day, 5 days per week, and the ONE strategy consists of a single 45-minute bout of brisk walking 5 days per week. The intervention will be maintained for two more months and glucose control will be tested. Participants will be male and female adult volunteers with overweight or obesity and pre-diabetes, a population that may be seeking physical activity options to control glucose.

Women meditating with VR headset

Utilization of Virtual Reality Mindfulness Application to Reduce Stress and Promote Wellbeing in University Students

The National Mental Health Innovation Center is recruiting up to 75 students, residents, fellows at CU Anschutz to participate in the study. Participants will be provided with Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets for the duration of the evaluation period (8-weeks). They will be asked to complete at least one 8-10 minute TRIPP VR mindfulness session 3-5 days per week via the VR headset or their mobile phone.

Women sleeping in peace

"SPOTLIGHT": Skeletal Response to Simulated Night Shift

  • Healthy man or woman (not pregnant) aged 20-40 years old
  • Premenopausal women must be on continuous oral contraception pills
  • Habitually sleep 7-9 hours/night
  • No night shift work in the past year
  • A non-smoker

Cannabis leaves

Inhaled Cannabis, Oxidative Stress and the Pulmonary Innate Immune Response

This study evaluates the effect of long term cannabis/marijuana smoking on lung health. Volunteers should be between ages 21-55, no history of alcohol abuse, tobacco, or other recreational drug abuse and no chronic respiratory, cardiac, liver or renal medical conditions.

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