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Volume 2, Issue 4 | February 16, 2022

Dear Research Colleagues,

If you are looking to recruit participants to your IRB-approved research study, we encourage you to submit a request so that we can feature your study in an upcoming newsletter. 

To learn more about the administrative tool of the Research Studies website, please register for office hours held on Thursdays or email if you have any questions.

Featured Recruitment Studies


ColorAdo ReseArch on Menopause & Early Life Stress Study: Remote Participation (The "CARAMELS At-Home" Study)

Dr. Christina Metcalf at the University of Colorado is investigating how early life experiences affect thinking, mood, and stress during the menopause transition.

Autism and Intellectual Disabilities Study

Facing Your Fears: Adolescents with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities

Teens between the ages of 12-18 who have Autism, Intellectual Disability, and anxiety are eligible for participation. Families will participate in assessments and will either enter the CBT treatment group immediately or within 6-months of joining the study. 

Body Weight & Asthma Research Study

Body Weight & Asthma Research Study

Researchers at the University of Colorado are seeking volunteers for an asthma research study to understand how obesity and metabolic syndrome are synergistic in relation to airway nitric oxide (NO) biology. We are looking for volunteers with and without asthma. No BMI requirement.

Blood Vessel Function in Women Study

Sex Hormone and Blood Vessel Function in Women with Chronic Kidney Disease vs. Healthy Controls

Female Volunteers (aged 55-75 years) needed for a research study on sex hormone and blood vessel function.

Anxiety-Related Disorders Study

Feasibility of VR Programs for Anxiety-Related Disorders in an Outpatient Care Setting

We are recruiting up to 20 adolescents who experience anxiety in social situations and 10 providers who treat adolescents who experience anxiety in social situations to participate in a research study. Participation involves trialing social engagement content on a virtual reality (VR) headset. Participants will be compensated for their time.

Inhaled Cannabis Study

Inhaled Cannabis, Oxidative Stress and the Pulmonary Innate Immune Response

We are studying what chronic marijuana smoking does to lung health, comparing those who use marijuana to those who do not.



In this study, we are trying to assess if taking a medication called semaglutide versus a placebo can improve outcomes for patient with type 2 diabetes and kidney disease. Study visits will be held at the Clinical and Translational Research Center (CTRC) at the University of Colorado Hospital Leprino Building.

Bone Health in Adults Study

Bone Health in Adults with Type 1 Diabetes

The research is to investigate bone health in Type 1 Diabetes. Studies indicate that adults with type 1 diabetes have significantly higher rate of hip fracture and hip fracture mortality when compared to adults without Type 1 Diabetes.

Colorado Pulmonary Alcohol Study

Colorado Pulmonary Alcohol Research Consortium

Volunteers should be:

  • Between ages 30-55.
  • Have no history of heavy alcohol or recreational drug abuse.
  • Have no chronic medical conditions.
  • Cigarette smokers or non-smokers

Fetal Atrioventricular Block Study

Surveillance and Treatment to Prevent Fetal Atrioventricular Block Likely to Occur Quickly (STOP BLOQ)

Are you interested in new male birth control? We are seeking couples for a male birth control gel study.

How do I feature a study?

If you would like to have your study featured please submit your information and we will work on including your study information in our next issue.

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