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Volume 1, Issue 3 | October 20, 2021

Dear Research Colleagues,

If you have a study that is actively recruiting participants, please feel free to submit your information. We will work on including your study details in our next issue.

To learn more about the process a recording of the Clinical Research Connections 9/21 meeting is available. 

As always, if you have questions please email

Featured Recruitment Studies

COVID19 Antiviral Therapies

Trial of Early Antiviral Therapies during Non-hospitalized Outpatient Window (TREAT NOW) for COVID-19

We are looking for individuals who are willing to participate in this research study for COVID-19.

Birth Control Pill

Research About Alternative Ways to Measure the Amount of Hormones From a Birth Control Pill

Participation will last up to 22 days and consist of three study visits. Participation will include taking one pack of birth control pills containing both desogestrel and Ethinylestradiol. 

Food Research

Volunteers Needed for Food Research Study

Veterans are needed for a research study looking at how gender and hormones affect the brain's response to food and hunger.


DAPASALT Study: An Open Label, Phase IV, Mechanistic Study to Evaluate the Natriuretic Effect of 2-Week Dapagliflozin treatment in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients with Impaired Renal Function

Volunteers aged 18-80 with Type 2 Diabetes needed research on the effects of a two-week dapagliflozin treatment paired with a special diet on kidney function and sodium excretion. 

Neurologic Therapy With Music

Neurologic Music Therapy for Enhancing Fine Motor Control in Parkinson's Disease  

The University of Colorado is conducting a study researching the rehabilitative power of music on fine motor skills by comparing Music therapy versus Occupational therapy in people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.


Nexplanon Extension Trial Study

This study is being done to look at the safety, tolerability, and effectiveness of the Nexplanon implant beyond three years of usage in preventing pregnancy. We are also interested in how extending its usage beyond the current FDA approval of 3 years affects the menstrual cycle and whether complications arise once it is removed.

Persistent Abnormal Cerebrovascular Reactivity
eCare: Developing a Virtual Stress Management Intervention for Spousal/Partnered Employed Caregivers of Solid Tumor Cancer Patients

We are recruiting cancer patient-caregiver dyads who have been married or partners for at least one year. Patients must be within 12 weeks of starting solid-tumor cancer treatment (oral, infusion, or radiation). Caregivers must be 25-65 years old, and employed or seeking employment. So far we've screened people in EPIC and either called them or gone to meet them in the clinics at their appointments. However, we are very behind on recruitment - with only 17/300 dyads recruited. We will need 283 more in the next two years.

Breast Cancer Study

Exercise and Appetite in Breast Cancer Survivors

Healthy women needed to participate in a research study to learn about how the food we eat impacts our reproductive hormones. 

Hormonal INjection

Birth Control Hormonal Injection/Shot Study

Your Baby May Qualify If:
3 - 4 months old, was born full term, has no previous complementary food exposure, has no health conditions that would affect growth and has not had antibiotics. 

mental health

Solid Foods and Infant Growth and Development 

The researchers want to learn how consuming different types of solid foods during early complementary feeding affects growth, neurodevelopment, sleep, and the bacteria in the gut.


Cerebrovascular Function in CKD and ADPKD: A Cross-Sectional Study

This research study will compare brain blood vessel function using non-invasive testing in healthy adults to adults with two different types of kidney disease.

How do I feature a study?

If you would like to have your study featured please submit your information and we will work on including your study information in our next issue.

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