The University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus encourages and supports outside interactions of its faculty and student employees with federal, state, and local governments, and with business and industry as important parts of their research, education, and public service activities.

2022-2023 COI Disclosure Period

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2023-2024 COI Annual Review 
Friday, July 21st - Tuesday, August 8thCOI Disclosure Period preparation; COI Disclosure Form unavailable 
Wednesday, August 9th: 2023-2024 COI Disclosure Period begins
Tuesday, October 31st: 2023-2024 COI Disclosure Period ends

Covered Individuals are required to submit a COI Disclosure annually during the fall collection period and thereafter as required by policy as listed below:

  1. For grant personnel, the COI Disclosure is due before a grant proposal may be sent to applicable sponsors (per Office of Grants and Contracts policy)
  2. For protocol personnel, the COI Disclosure is due before an IRB protocol submission (initial, applicable amendment or continuing review) will be reviewed (per IRB policy);
  3. For personnel hired or promoted into an applicable job code after July 21, 2023, the COI Disclosure is due within 60 days of the hire or job change date  unless required to submit earlier due to a grant or protocol (see 1 and 2 above);
  4. For all other Covered Individuals (not included above), the COI Disclosure is due October 31, 2023.

In addition to the annual disclosure period, the COI disclosure needs to be updated within 30 days of a change, addition, or elimination. For all new employees who are required to submit a COI disclosure, it must be completed with 60 days of your start date. 

CU Denver | Anschutz has a “Zero Dollar Threshold” - this means outside activities that reasonably relate to one's university duties must be disclosed, even if there is no compensation or remuneration for the activity.  This includes all activities and collaborations, paid and unpaid, involving foreign governments, foreign universities, foreign talent recruitment, or similar programs. 


Please contact with any questions about the disclosure period.

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