Per diem Information

The Office of Laboratory Animal Resources (OLAR) is obligated to recover the costs associated with the procurement and care and use of animals. These costs are billed to investigators on a monthly basis and is based on a cost analysis that is performed yearly that is outlined by the NIH Cost Analysis and Rate Setting Manual for Animal Resource Facilities.
The following tables provide Per Diem rates for the care and housing of laboratory animals. Per Diems cover the following basic services: feed, health checks, cage changes and cleaning. External Customers are charged an additional 26% Per Diem Charge.

Recharges and Per Diem Rates for Fiscal Year 2021-2022

Cost Center Per Diem

Anschutz Medical Campus  Rate
ChinchillaPer Animal$4.84
Gerbil Per Cage$1.05
Guinea PigsPer Animal$2.25
Frog TankPer Tank$4.66
Germ FreePer Animal$0.55
HamsterPer Cage$1.92
Mouse VentilatedPer Cage$1.07
Mouse SpecialPer Cage$1.18
Mouse Breeding CorePer Cage$2.00
ABSL MousePer Cage$1.25
ABSL SpecialPer Cage$2.50
PigPer Animal$35.98
RabbitPer Animal$6.53
Rat VentilatedPer Cage$1.96
Rat Breeding CorePer Cage$2.50
Rat Special Per Cage$2.40
FerretPer Animal $7.05
Zebrafish Per Row$0.59
Downtown Denver Campus  Rate
Downtown Denver Frog TankPer Tank$5.00
Downtown Denver Rat StaticPer Cage$2.27
Downtown Denver Mouse StaticPer Animal $1.22
GeckoPer Animal$0.88
Denver Health Campus  Rate
Denver Health Mouse StaticPer Cage$1.20
Denver Health Rat StaticPer Cage$2.84
PR2  Rate
PR2 Mouse VentilatedPer Cage$1.07
VA Rate
VA Mouse VentilatedPer Cage$1.15
VA Mouse SpecialPer Cage$1.26
VA ABSL Mouse VentilatedPer Cage$1.34
VA Mouse Breeding CorePer Cage$2.14

Service Charges

Service Charges & Technician Fees  Fee
Technician FeePer Hour$39.29
Animal Purchasing FeePer Order$28.00
Procedure Room Cleaning FeePer Event $75.00
Veterinary ChargePer Hour$96.41
Treatment Fee*Per Event$2.50
Van TransportPer Mile$1.04
Disposable CagingPer Cage$7.25
USDA TreatmentsPer Event$5.00
Rodent TattooPer Animal$5.15
*Upon approval of the PI this fee includes: Nail trimming, teeth trimming, topical, injectable, and oral treatments, wound
cleaning, supportive care, and parenteral fluids.
Surgical Charges & Fees  Fee
Surgery Set UpPer Hour$40.49
Internal Table ChargePer Hour$116.11
External Table ChargePer Hour$192.61
Vet Technical Charge $40.49
Van Clean Up FeePer Hour$9.71
Van Decon ChargePer Hour$20.24
Post Op CarePer Hour$40.49

Past Recharges and Per Diem Rates

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