Badge Access

All Junction employees will have access to the following areas of The Junction.

  • W1124
  • W1126 (main entrance, 1st floor)
  • W2208 (main entrance, 2nd floor)
  • Elevator across from W1112
  • Stairwell (south side)

Tip: When pushing the bar to open the door, please do not hold the bar down for longer than a few seconds. If the bar is held for too long, an alarm will sound. If the alarm does sound, it can be disarmed by swiping the badge again after the doors have closed.

Note: Badge access is also needed on the elevator across from W1112 to access the 1st and 2nd floors.


Break Rooms / Kitchens

There is a break room/kitchen on the first and second floor. Junction employees may use either one. Remember the 2nd floor break room is shared with other departments like EH&S and OCH.


  • Wipe countertops and tables after use (cleaning supplies are under the sink)
  • Clean microwave if dirty after use (inside and outside)
  • Label items kept in refrigerator with name and date; dispose in a timely manner.
  • If you find spoiled or moldy items in plastic “labeled” containers, let the person know and they can come clean and/or dispose of it. If it is not labeled, throw out the container.
  • PLEASE be respectful of your fellow employees. Be sure you take your own lunch/items out of the refrigerator and not someone else’s.


Copy Machines

We have two copy machines. The 1st floor copier is color, and the 2nd floor is black and white only. Both have scanning abilities. 



When deliveries arrive, please place them in W1121 or W1107-1. Directors and Assistant Directors have access to these spaces. If a director is not available, please place items in the cabinets next to the first floor kitchen entrance.


Dining and Food

CU Anschutz offers a wide variety of dining options right on campus, certain to satisfy any craving.



EMS is the room scheduling online app. If the employee does not currently have an EMS account, please go to Click Request an Account, fill out the form, and click Request an Account at the bottom. Note: Firefox or Safari work best with this application. Once you start using EMS to schedule space, please let Sara Kenney know if you have any questions, concerns, etc. This includes data corrections, improvement ideas, and other suggestions.

Video Tutorial for Reserving Junction Spaces in the EMS Web App. This video tutorial is also located in the “about” tab in the list of reservation templates.

Reservation Etiquette: Please cancel the reservation if your plans change and do not need the space.




Heating and Cooling

There are fans and heaters available when the room temperature doesn't agree with you. They are located in W1124 file cabinets. Look for the cabinets labeled "Fans" and "Heaters" (along the south wall). 


Locker w/Key (offices and workstations)

Each workstation including offices have a locker available to secure your personal items for the day. Don’t forget to leave the key in the lock before you leave for the day.


Lockers on 2nd Floor (day use only)

Day-use lockers on the second floor are available for personal items. Not for long-term use. Click here to learn more about how to operate the locker locks.


Office Supplies

Office supplies can be found in cabinets near the copy machines on the 1st and 2nd floors as well as in the center file cabinets in W1124. Excess supplies are in W1107-1. Items include but are not limited to:

  • highlighters / markers / pens / pencils
  • paper clips / binder clips
  • notepads / notebooks / envelopes
  • file folders / hanging file folders
  • labels (all sizes)
  • dry erase supplies
  • post-it notes (all sizes)
  • rulers / scissors
  • small calculators
  • staplers / staples / staple removers
  • tape dispensers and tape
  • white-out
  • cleaning supplies for desks/monitors
  • standing floor mats
  • 10-key calculators
  • 2-hole / 3-hole punch





There are three restrooms on the 1st floor. See map for locations.


Trash and Vacuum Schedule

  • Trash will be picked up three (3) times per week typically on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Vacuuming will take place one (1) time per week on Tuesday or Thursday.
  • If trash or vacuuming needs arise outside of these times, please email Dispatch or call 303-724-1777.



A water dispenser is located in the first floor kitchen. It is filtered water and offers hot and cold options. It is also a touchless unit so just hold your finger over the button to dispense water. CAUTION: the hot water is extremely hot.



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