Proposal Budget Development

Budgets for all grant applications and contract proposals are required to be evaluated by the Grants and Contracts office PRIOR to their submission to sponsoring agencies. This review comes in two parts:

There are no set guidelines that would be applicable to all budgets or in all situations. Generally, budget structures differ among Federal, State, local government and non-profit sponsoring agencies, and between research and training activities. The major budget categories will be the same regardless of the type of grant or contract, or the sponsoring agency. The most variance will probably be found in the amount of information required for each category. The best source for information will be the guidelines supplied by the sponsoring agency.

There are no set rules that apply to all of the numerous sponsoring agencies, but the general guidelines below apply to any good budget preparation. Again, it should be stressed that the best method to ensure a properly-prepared budget is to consult the sponsoring agency's guidelines prior to beginning your budget preparation