Contracting Services

The OGC Contracting Services Team provides contract review and negotiation services to principal investigators and administrators for the purpose of obtaining and administering extramural funds in compliance with University policies and state and federal laws and regulations.

Contracts & Subcontracts


The Contracts Section drafts, reviews, and negotiates a number of different types of contracts between the University and outside entities. These include:

  • All incoming Contracts/Subcontracts for sponsored research (*except for industry sponsored human subjects research).
  • All outgoing Subcontracts for sponsored research.
  • All incoming Fee-For-Service contracts.

Not sure which office handles a particular type of contract? Refer to the Contract Signature Matrix for guidance.

What is the difference between a contract and subcontract?


Incoming Contracts/subcontracts for sponsored research are used when the University is being paid to perform research for an outside sponsor.

Outgoing Subcontracts are used are used when CU Denver is purchasing research services from an external source or vendor, such as another university, with funds from an external sponsor, such as National Institutes of Health.

Fee-for-Service contracts are now reviewed through the Contracts office. Fee-for-Service contracts are used when UC Denver is providing a service to an outside entity, but that service is not research.

Contracting Services Team

NameTitleContact Information
Contracting Team
Ryan HollandDirector - PreAward Contracting Services303-724-0195
Denise Queen, J.D.Contracting Services Manager (Questions about Contracts, Subcontracts, and/or Fee-For-Service)303-724-9046
Mike Conner, J.D.Contracting Services Associate303-724-9379
Alicia Vagts, J.D.Contracting Services Associate303-724-0092
Joe LadmiraultContract Specialist303-724-9777
Temuulen JohnsonContract Specialist303-724-0088​
Will CarterSubcontract Specialist303-724-9503​
Sandra BackusContracting Services Admin Assistant303-724-2402
OGC.contracts@ucdenver.eduContracts General Purpose E-mail -
Questions & assistance regarding Sponsored Research Contracts​Subcontracts General Questions & Intake - Questions & assistance regarding Subcontracts 

Subcontracting Services Team

Denise QueenContracting Services Manager303-724-9046
Will CarterSubcontract Specialist303-724-9503
Subcontracts Team General Questions Intake Email Box