Sabbatical Requests on NIH Grant Awards

In order for NIH to officially approve the use of NIH grant funds during a period of sabbatical when it relates to each active NIH grant and to salary support received from those grant(s), NIH requires specific information in advance.

The information to be provided focuses on established policies at UCD, conduct of the grant(s) during an extended absence and salary arrangements during the same period.

The following information is required by NIH:

  • The name of the institution (UCD) where the sabbatical leave will be taken.
  • A statement that this leave qualifies as "sabbatical leave" in accordance with UCD (grantee institution) policy and a brief statement of that policy including salary benefits.
  • The estimated amount and percent of salary support to be provided to the Principal Investigator by UCD (grantee institution) during the leave period.
  • The estimated amount and percent of salary support proposed to be charged to each grant as well as to all other funding sources during the leave period, not to exceed 100%.
  • A brief description of the activities to be performed by the Principal Investigator while on sabbatical leave and the relationship to each grant.
  • The estimated percentage of time the Principal Investigator will be spending on activities related to each grant during the sabbatical.
  • The extent of research to be continued on each grant at UCD (grantee institution) during the Principal Investigators absence.
  • The name, telephone number and CV of the proposed person to be left in charge of day-to-day activities in the Principal Investigators absence.

This information should be sent to NIH in a letter signed by the Principal Investigator and countersigned by a UCD business official for prior approval.

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