Guidance for New Researchers

Researchers are responsible for conducting all work in a safe manner at all times. NIH Grants Policy has specific Health and Safety Public Policy Requirements for all Principal Investigators. The university has specific examples of these requirements for laboratory supervisors and PIs in the Supervisor/PI Responsibilities​ informational document.   

New labs must be registered using the Laboratory Registration Form​. 

Researchers on the Denver Campus are also expected to follow guidance provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regarding lab safety.

Those working with ​

  • ​​rDNA
  • transgenic animals
  • infectious or potentially infectious

material must contact the Institutional Biosafety Committee to determine registration requirements.

Biosafety Cabinet - Contact regarding certification and registration requirements.​ Coming Soon - Biowaste Program guidance.​

Contact to

  • establish chemical waste pickup service
  • receive guidance on the proper management of hazardous materials ​
Coming Soon.

Those who will use radioactive materials must 

  • complete relevant training​
  • contact the Committee on Ionizing Radiation to establish proper authorization
  • provide on-the-job training to all new lab personnel​​